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Milagring is ABS-CBN Wowowee's finest ASF Dancers

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Milagring has been a household name in the Philippines. Thanks to ABS-CBN's most popular noontime show "Wowowee" with famous host Willie Revillame. Milagring is one of the ASF Dancers who are mainstays of the show.

Milagring is one of the elite three or the most popular trio of the ASF Dancers, the Pasalog Darlings of Wowowee. Luningning and Mariposa completes the trio. Their monickers (Luningning, Mariposa and Milagring) were the idea of Director Bobot Mortis and host Willie Revillame. Instead of calling them with their real names, they thought of something common for the Filipinos for a better name recall.

That's the birth of the names for the trio. Danna de Castro was "baptized" as Milagring and she is popularly known in the Philippines today with that name.

With her beauty and talent in dancing, Milagring, Mariposa and Luningning graced the cover of Maxim Magazine for their April 2008 issue. It can be noted that the sales of the magazine in that month was very successful.

Milagring was also contracted by Pau to endorse their product. Aside from promoting it in Wowowee, Milagring has already made a 30 minute commercial for the product's promotion.

Milagring is also well loved by the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). They always wait for Milagring's number together with Luningning and Mariposa. Willie always bring the trio with him whenever Wowowee is going to show abroad.

Indeed, Milagring has been institutionalized in Philippine TV as one of the best dancers in the land.
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